1.why glass fail to stick?

A. Insufficient processing temperature leads to insufficient reaction of EVA film, resulting in insufficient bonding force

B. The glass is too thick, and the EVA film is too thin to stick.

C. Excessive humidity can dissolve the crosslinking agent inside EVA, causing a decrease in film adhesion and resulting in detachment.Suggest customers to store the film in a dry place.



     2. There are bubbles in the middle of the glass

A. The low temperature period is too short, and the air cannot be completely discharged,Suggest customers to extend the lamination time appropriately.

B. Stop vacuuming at temperatures above 60 ℃, and air will flow back into the glass with the flow of adhesive. It is necessary to lower the temperature of the silicone bag to below 60 degrees Celsius.

   3.Insufficient transparency of laminated glass

   A.Moisture on EVA film reduces transparency,Suggest customers to store the film in a dry place.

   B.Insufficient processing temperature, incomplete film reaction, decreased transparency.